So spend a day dhow cruise within the waters of Musandam. You will get to enjoy Omani dhows that are decorated in a traditional manners. Thus you will lounge on soft carpets and cushions. Once you choose this Musandam Dhow Cruise trip, you will not only take pleasure on magnificent and sceneries.  Refreshments will be included and there will be two stops to make way for snorkeling and swimming during Khasab Musandam dhow cruise tour to Musandam fjords.

Dhow Cruise to the Musandam fjords (also known as Khour Shem Fjords) where beautiful, calm, turquoise waters distinction with the creamy, white limestone cliffs. Throughout the cruise we can explore small fishing villages (Nadifi, Qana, Maqlab, Shem, and Seebi) and also the famous Telegraph Island and Seebi Island, there is also a possibility to see natural and wild dolphins along the way. There will be two stops for swimming and snorkeling within the crystal clear water of Musandam.  Musandam fjord has much more to entertain you. We can see mountains and feel like they are painted with a pencil. There will be small villages in the Khour will enable you to meet different cultures and amazing people. You will be surprised to see how they live in these small villages. The live on the edge of Musandam sea and spend their lives fishing within the clear water of Musandam.

Mountain Safari

Musandam Mountain Safari 4WD vehicles will drive you to Jebal Harim and Khor-al- Najid. Mountain Of Women about 2087 metres, the Highest peak in musandam region. Mountain Safari  will give you an chance to enjoy the fantastic scenery of musandam mountains and speckled with fossils dating back several million years. “Bait Al Sultan” and breathtaking and sightseeing view down within the wadis and foothills are wonderful during this trip. So the village of Saye located at 1100 metres above sea level stands out as a cool, calm and quite beduin settlement. So this area additionally bears the name A’Sayh Plateau. Just Before reach the track to the golf -ball shaped radar station at the highest of Jebal Harim there is a safe place to stop and enjoy the stunning views of overlooking the ravine.

Rowdah Village where one can see a pre-islamic graveyard is at half way near the check point. On our return trip we get down off the tamps on to wadi Khasab and drive to Khawr A’Najd coastal area. The moments there preserve you with a stunning view road to continue eastwards along the wadi Sal A’la to check the natural semi wild park of acacia trees and Khalidiyah area. The green grass and wild flowers making an unusually attractive area. 

City Tour

Khasab City Tour starts from by visiting Khasab Fort and Castle, build by Portuguese within the 17th century to manage the sea trades. City Tour on the coastal road for about an hour to Bukha which the borders of Emirates Of Ras Al Khaima. On the way , enjoy the spectacular sceneries and additionally the great thing about coastal route. Once we overlooking the sea and therefore the back drop of Al Harf Mountains. So afterwards we move to the neighboring Bedouin village of Qadah to view at Pre-historic rock carvings depicting (Drawing, Paintings) Camels, Ships and Warriors, said to be quite 2000 years old. We also additionally drive through the town we are able to see old and new souk.

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